Gingerbread Christmas 2018

We met at Joanna’s house November 30 – Dec 2 2018 for our annual Christmas party and gift exchange. Julie and Gina planned and Joanna offered her lake house as the location. The first picture is a group photo at Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa. It was taken on Saturday. The rest of the photos are in chronological order.

Group Photo! (Almost everyone! Missing Janet.)
Friday Night!!! Let the party begin!
Late night dance squad.
Early bird quiche.
Some early morning magic stockings.
Lunch at the restaurant at Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa.
Dessert at the Hot Chocolate Bar at Joanna’s.
Everyone took home a mug and an ornament.
Gingerbread House Competition.
A cozy day for watching the UGA game.
This game calls for the big screen.
And, this game calls for a little extra Cardinal help.
Ornament exchange.
Tampon V for Victory! Must be Terri’s house.

Sunday Brunch.
And now we begin the Cindy Photo Fest. That’s what happens when you wake up as early as the photographer.
Gina made some car goodies.
Thanks, Joanna for hosting another wonderful weekend.

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